Matriarchal dominance

210 EUR

Matriarchal dominance (Necklace & Brooch 6.N.Br.M.D.)

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The Girdle of Hyppolyte

Hippolyte was the queen of Amazons, a tribe of women warriors. Hercules, as a task, had to take the queen’s girdle (a belt from god Ares to Hippolyte). Hercules had to kill Hippolyte after Hera played a plot between the two heroes. This task symbolizes the demolishing of the matriarchic dominance in those ages.

Handmade from sterling silver 925, mat, wood painted by Kalli Tsitsiloni using the egg tempera technique,in lay of the painted element, metal engraving and silk cord.         Diameter:4,5cm .                 
Will be shipped in cardboard box ready as gift.