Genarative force

210 EUR

Generative force (Necklace & Brooch 2.N.Br.GF)

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The Lernean Hydra

Lernean Hydra was a monstrous serpent with nine heads attacking with poisonous venom. One of the head was immortal and cutting off one of the nine heads, another two would immediately grow. Hercules used sacred fire to prevent the growth of replacement heads and he buried the ninth and immortal head deep in the ground.This labour symbolizes the generative force of the individual to overcome the nine (number of the heads) flaws of his or her ego.

Handmade from sterling silver 925, mat, wood painted  by Kalli Tsitsiloni using the egg tempera technique,in lay of the painted element,metal engraving and silk cord .   Diameter:4,5cm .                       
Will be shipped in cardboard box ready as gift.